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In October 22th and 23th, ARIADNE Partners shared all national training pilote session results to evaluate the Training Approach designed for the Hungarian Market. Practionners involved in all session gave a global satisfaction of the training content and the pedagogical approach,
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About the Ariadne project on Managers in the Social Economy.

Ariadne Project Sheet

The Social Economy sector is a historically important in Western Europe. The Social Economy appears to be a credible alternative and legitimate in response to a market logic which often harm the public interest and social utility. Today it represents up 10 to 15% of national GDP and a significant percentage of salaried jobs (12% in France for example).

However, businesses in the Social Economy facing major challenges in terms of a changing international environment: competition, mergers, new regulations.... have to address the challenges of globalization, including improved professionalization of their frames, to continue their role as social role in many areas.

ARIADNE Project aims to understand the outlines new managerial own social economy both within countries already benefit from a social economy sector as with countries possessing more. The European dimension of the project offers the opportunity to discuss the characteristics of each territory, but also vis-à-vis the educational innovations of each.

Building a common European training in social economy based on the comparison of experiences in the project partner countries already benefit from training in this area (Belgium, France, Italy and England). It will come out a reference framework for European management training approved by the Social Economy sector companies.

For details, see the pdf file attached here below.