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In October 22th and 23th, ARIADNE Partners shared all national training pilote session results to evaluate the Training Approach designed for the Hungarian Market. Practionners involved in all session gave a global satisfaction of the training content and the pedagogical approach,
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3rd annual ECVET forum

ECVET TeamTaking the Next Step: Building the ECVET Community of Practice
The 3rd annual ECVET forum (31 May/ 01 June) has been one of the major 2012 events dedicated to the development of ECVET in Europe.

The 2012 forum has focused on how to transform the current ECVET initiatives, projects and networking activities into a reliable, resourceful and sustainable cooperation towards 2014; letting the ECVET community of practice take shape.

The implementation of the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) is progressing across Europe; Member States are setting up the necessary conditions for ECVET implementation. Good practices, solutions, proposals and debates emerging from examples of projects, strategies in progress throughout Europe and of networks in development will help participants to set up their own approaches and policies.

Source: ECVET Team