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In October 22th and 23th, ARIADNE Partners shared all national training pilote session results to evaluate the Training Approach designed for the Hungarian Market. Practionners involved in all session gave a global satisfaction of the training content and the pedagogical approach,
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Overview of Social Economy in FR

1st intl summer school for young creators of cooperatives in France

Campus Cooperatives, what is it?
A summer school to pass the desire to undertake.
In other words, Campus Cooperatives is the first summer school dedicated to young creators of cooperatives in France.

This is an intensive two weeks session.
Intensive since each participant, in groups of 4 to 6 people, will have two weeks to collect the tools for creating a Scop or SCIC.
These are long days of work waiting for the participants, oxygenated by 6 sports sessions, punctuated by moments festive and cultural. The programming of Campus Cooperatives incorporates part of the Quebec experience EJCC (School of Young Artists of cooperatives). However, it has been "adapted" to be closer to French practices.

An international school
The international nature of this school is illustrated by the strong partnership with the Office Franco-Québécois youth who will promote Campus Cooperatives with young Francophones living abroad.

A complete formula
The first session will run from July 2 to 14, 2012 (arrival on Sunday evening).
It will take place in a single location, the Poitiers campus in which a portion of a building (i-media) fully dedicated.
Accommodation, catering and sports complex are organised on the same site.

This training / action requires a team of coaches and many players. ESCEM will accommodate 30 participants at a unit cost of € 2,500 sponsored by our partners. Only a 100 euros is required for each participant for 15 days (course, accommodation, meals, outings).

Who can participate?
All Francophones aged 18 and 35 regardless of the situation, studying, working or seeking work. The diversity of participants and the complementary skills is the strength of this training / action.

How to get involved?
To participate, simply send the application form downloadable before May 31, 2012
Contact :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.