Manager in Social Economy - Leonardo Vocational Training


In October 22th and 23th, ARIADNE Partners shared all national training pilote session results to evaluate the Training Approach designed for the Hungarian Market. Practionners involved in all session gave a global satisfaction of the training content and the pedagogical approach,
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Overview of Social Economy in FR

Finansol launches practical guide to employee savings

Finansol is a central player in social finance: established in 1995, the association Finansol is a central player in social finance in France. It aims at promoing solidarity in finance and savings.

Collective actors of social finance: it now regroups 70 supportive funders, banks, management companies, companies and mutual insurance.
Since 1997, Finansol has been distinguishing investments solidarity savings (to date, there are 128 Investment labeled by Finansol).
It guarantees investors that they contribute to financing activities generating social utility.

Objective: to refer business leaders and directions of human resources in the promotion of solidarity funds to employees.
An awareness that allows employees gather around strong values.
Indeed, while generating financial performance, solidarity funds can create jobs for long-term unemployed, to build social housing for persons or families in need, to promote international solidarity activities and environmentally friendly.