Overview of Social Economy in HU

National Civil Fund - Hungary


 nationalcivilfund_hungaryThe Hungarian Parliament enacted the Law No. 50 on the National Civil Fund on 23 June 2003 that aims the strengthening of the operation of civil society organisations and the development of the third sector through grant supports.

The exceptionality of the National Civil Fund is the decision-making process; civil society representatives - free from government influence - are responsible for decisions. The applicant organisations can be sure that their applications are considered by the delegated members who dispose the available resources.

All those private foundations and non-governmental organisations (excluding employers’ and employees’ interest groups, political parties and insurance associations) who are registered and operating in Hungary at least for a year can gain support from the Fund. The grants are distributed by the Boards composed of the representatives of civil society organisations. The principles of the grant-support system are laid down by the governing body, the Council that has a majority of delegates from civil society organisations, too.

The first call for applications appeared in May 2004 attracting great interest among the eligible organisations. At this stage more than 6 billion HUF (approximately 24 million Euro) was granted as non-refundable support for the successful applicants. Although this amount is not enough to fulfil all desired programmes and aims, it facilitated the operation of many and helped the implementation of various programmes and the development of the sector.

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